The Cipherium hungers perpetually for knowledge, power and resources to fund its many and various endeavors across the world. While their appearance upon the world stage – and the plundering of Karzoug’s storied vaults – has catapulted them into a meteoric rise, the expanding scope of their operations requires a similarly expanding accumulation of mysteries and material.

While their looting of the Runelord’s hoard vastly enriched the Cipherium, it also made them very rich in questions and uncertainties. Secreted away in one of many well-hidden coffers within Karzoug’s domain was a compass, powerfully enchanted against the ravages of time and undoubtedly nonfunctional. Following its heading and at the urging of their masters, the few surviving remnants of a large expedition find themselves at the end of a long and brutal journey across the face of Golarion, already heirs to a long tale of wondrous sights and bloody sacrifice.

Standing at the head of a nameless valley high in the savage mountains of the Mwangi Expanse, our stalwart agents stand between a hard road behind them and an uncertain future ahead.

Crucible of Chaos